Dreams and Hopes

I announced the last post and halting of this blog. I have no inclination to challenge that. This piece is just a follow up to the last post and in no way an addition to this blog. I will stick by my word naturally and you wouldn’t find any seamless poetries, stories and articles on… Continue reading Dreams and Hopes

A Theory of Relativity

Hello dear readers, "He is trying to understand Physics but maybe she already knows parts of it, or all of it. And then she brings home a Piano which demands a brand new equation to uncover the mystery around it." Click on the below button to read "A Theory of Relativity", a novella written by… Continue reading A Theory of Relativity

The Sun and the Sunflower

The Sun can't even complain That he's being taken for granted, For the sunflower wants him to leave, And make way for less heat. But the sun shines On the sunflower, Hoping to get her smiles Ripple through eternity Among the chaos of matter. Sometimes the sunflower Follows the sun, Like a sunflower does On… Continue reading The Sun and the Sunflower

Why the Leaf Turns Blue

Like a thousand breaking stars, The leaf falls on to the ground, Blows a few blocks around, Rises and falls without sound. It feels the rain in the air, It hears the summer riding on the wind, It sees the turning tide of seasons, It wants to smile, It wants to forgive the gravity, And… Continue reading Why the Leaf Turns Blue


What are you so happy about? What's there to smile? What's high on life? Tell me! Did you just discover the secret of the cosmos? Or the whereabouts of before or after life? Why is a smile greater than a frown? Why do you hate pain? Why do you think this life means so much?… Continue reading Anti-Happy

Shallow Shoes

I will walk around In shallow shoes Of some love. I will wear This pair Of shallow shoes, With some care. My feet might sink Deep into the soles, That is made of gaps Sewn together. My feet might walk Upon words, Which join hands, And melt like creamy sadness Soon together. And the way… Continue reading Shallow Shoes


Spiralling into An unknown dictionary Of thoughts And germs. Thoughtful germs, Or germ thoughts? I know not, Though never a gem. Step by step, Hollowing the nature Of reality. Quantum processors dealing with Continuous triggers Of lovelorn mermaids Singing songs of solitude On unreachable coasts. When does this emotion expire? When do you leave this… Continue reading Germs

Do They Feel the Same?

Have you ever lost a sea? Have you ever lost a drop? Do they feel the same? Have you ever found a thorn? Have you ever found a conundrum? Do they feel the same? Have you ever looked a moment with love? Have you ever looked a life with love? Do they feel the same?… Continue reading Do They Feel the Same?