The Sun can’t even complain
That he’s being taken for granted,
For the sunflower wants him to leave,
And make way for less heat.
But the sun shines
On the sunflower,
Hoping to get her smiles
Ripple through eternity
Among the chaos of matter.
Sometimes the sunflower
Follows the sun,
Like a sunflower does
On and on.
She’s shy of the dahlia,
And the rose and the dandelion,
When they ask her about
Her daily revolution.
She just shrugs,
And doesn’t say a thing.
She often feels in her heart,
That the world would
Be a better place,
If there were no sun rays
To irritate her face.
But the sun goes on:
Impriosoned to its axis in space,
It shines so bright and wishes,
To come back to this side
Of the earth to place
On his sunflower’s petals a ray of kisses.


Like a thousand breaking stars,
The leaf falls on to the ground,
Blows a few blocks around,
Rises and falls without sound.
It feels the rain in the air,
It hears the summer riding on the wind,
It sees the turning tide of seasons,
It wants to smile,
It wants to forgive the gravity,
And the wind full of guile,
For bringing it down.
It starts to blue with a fear so loud,
Of being trampled upon
By a dog or a man,
Or by the tyres of a van
But before it could fully blue,
A stormy wind blew.
And the leaf
Like a bird’s wings flew
And landed on a window sill
Of a poet sitting still.
The poet picks up the leaf,
And places it
Between the pages of his book
And as the wind chimes shook,
Writes a poetry
About why the leaf turns blue.


Posted: March 2, 2019 in Etc.

If I was lost on a day,

Would you come to find me?

Would you,

Even when I stop trying to find you everyday

Even when you aren’t lost?


Posted: February 28, 2019 in Verses
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What are you so happy about?
What’s there to smile?
What’s high on life?
Tell me!
Did you just discover the secret of the cosmos?
Or the whereabouts of before or after life?

Why is a smile greater than a frown?
Why do you hate pain?
Why do you think this life means so much?
Why, you aren’t even free!
If you were you wouldn’t lag behind
The imposter rules of self.

Shallow Shoes

Posted: February 25, 2019 in Verses
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I will walk around

In shallow shoes

Of some love.

I will wear

This pair

Of shallow shoes,

With some care.

My feet might sink

Deep into the soles,

That is made of gaps

Sewn together.

My feet might walk

Upon words,

Which join hands,

And melt like creamy sadness

Soon together.

And the way ahead will be carved

From fate,

The lampposts will be out,

And my clothes all old

Will ask the pair of shoes,

“Why do you protect the feet,

That all day walk over

And trample your self?”


Posted: September 17, 2018 in Verses
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Spiralling into
An unknown dictionary
Of thoughts
And germs.
Thoughtful germs,
Or germ thoughts?
I know not,
Though never a gem.
Step by step,
Hollowing the nature
Of reality.
Quantum processors dealing with
Continuous triggers
Of lovelorn mermaids
Singing songs of solitude
On unreachable coasts.
When does this emotion expire?
When do you leave this unknown
Tie of love- this love
That you cannot forgive me for.


Posted: August 19, 2018 in Verses
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Silence is explosive.

Don’t you believe?

Hear the crickets

Whispering thoughts

In my brain.

Hear the sadness

Floating like daffodils

In my heart.

I am waiting for

The explosion

Of my heart to be

Broken by you