The Meeting Of The Speakers


It is strange. Very strange , in fact.

The thing is that even though I feel the closeness their rules a perfect indifference. Or that is what it appears to be. I think we are similar. And then I think what is the use of this similarity.Then I think that maybe I am a bit sincere. But then I think if this sincerity will ever be useful.



The time ran out. The meeting was over.

Some were too happy to begin a new learning episode. Others liked the prospect of making new friends. Still others drained out their time speaking away and thus saving themselves from another boring evening.

I had seated myself on the grassy stairs and was staring out into the sky and into the various faces that popped up now and then to deliver a talk. It was all cool and silent with few wavering and many confident voices falling on my eardrums.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Mashroor

    Oh romantic Zeeshan how do you do ?? I couldn’t understand much…..

  2. zeeshan

    Thanks mashy !

  3. Rahul D'Cruz

    Does this refer to one of the first LITC meets?
    I guess grassy stairs refers to The Old LHC? (Now old, at that time probably new)

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