Bottled In The Present

I open my eyes. Hoping to find everything ordered and arranged as I would like. The near future events, the present events and all that affects me all manoeuvred  according to my whims and fancies. But I do not see the much anticipated change and the wanted scenery.

I close my eyes tight – wanting to wake up to the real morning from this apparent hazy dream.

I open my eyes again. And …..  ….

I look out of the window into the morning sky. The sun is fast moving into its zenith phase.I feel the rays striking my eyes. And then I look around.My eyes see the flying birds in the sky. Free and happy. How good their life seems! The reasonable side of me says : “ They are happy because they live in the present, not in the past, not in the future.” The unreasonable and sad one of me grins and becomes far more sad. How can I live like a  in today’s fast-paced world? And of course I am not a bird who just extinguishes its life around food and nest and apparently nothing much.

I pull my eyelids down and inhale the morning air. So many dictums , so many rites and rituals, so many hindered ways , so many dictated paths to trod on – I ask my lord : “ Hey, one who made me, whose life is it anyway? You gave me body, and a soul but did you ever give me a life for me to live?”

I look up, down, right, left and finally ask my bottled up self, ” Chap, is there any magic wardrobe, any ring or a magic gate to escape into the realms of freedom and to places where my life is my own.”

How strange it seems just to state ‘ my life is my own’ ! But alas! This strangeness is not strange, it is something  that is very much the invisible marrow of our (?) lives.



About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Mashroor

    Hey Zeeshan how did you get there ideas ? Its really great….. Especially the bird thing…… Good going…..

  2. Mashroor

    Hey Zeeshan …… You are good at this man::) where do you get these ideas ?? Great going….. I hope your blog get visited by millions….

  3. Thanks mash. And of course welcome to this rune of self. Your words mean a lot man. Thanks.

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