The Mirth In Hearts

Friendship. What a gigantic world this word fathoms within itself! Feelings, emotions, and memories are the precious strings with which we tie this beautiful bond close to our hearts.

Existence has been witness to scenes of a lonely Adam befriending a newly-created Eve, of Prometheus putting himself on the gallows for his dear friend, of the joyous meeting between Krishna and Sudama, of Algu Chaudhuri giving  the verdict against his chum Jumman Shaykh, of Brutus stabbing Caesar and the convulsions of surprise that appears on his face, of the great trust between Abu Bakr and Muhammad, of the glorious contours of emotion between Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan, of Antonio not flinching away from shedding a pound of flesh to rescue Bassanio from the pangs of Shylock, and of course the last meeting between Jai and Veeru before Jai suffers mortal wounds at Gabbar Singh’s den.

The shades of emotions and  the variety of bonds inherent in this divine idea are something truly unique to mankinds’s perception.

No, I am not going to sermonize you about the evils or the joys of friendship or on how to be a better friend.  Actually I am going to throw this at you : what actually is the fuel that enlivens and illuminates this timeless saga of friendship? What is the thing that penetrates hearts to the core? Now that is more of a thought-catalyst than just a mere question.

But that does not mean you need to scratch your head and ponder over the psychology of this lovely emotion. Nor do you need to  need to consider the fabric or the moods present in this bond. Nor do you need to …. Hey, wait!!

Look over there ! Do you see the beaming faces of your friends , the  mirth of togetherness , the joy of the good times ? Well, then what are you thinking ?   Go and celebrate the joys of this pristine emotion before life throws them out of your reach.


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We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. himanshu mittal

    u r gr888…prince

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