The Tear Of Deception

She walked onto the stage,

With elegance and grace.

With a smile on her face,

She smirked at  her task.

The numerous  gazing eyes,

She accumulated in a glance.

And with a grin she thought,

That she would easily convey the tale

Without feeling it herself.

And she then shed a laughter

For the one who had otherwise told her;

Knowing too well in her confident heart,

That it was her own ego-alter.

Silence enveloped.

And then her charismatic voice broke out.

Turning into a music of speech,

It echoed within the confines of the wall.

Crescendo and climax,

Rhythm and beats,

Fire and retreat-

All bundled in a voice,

That belonged to an indifferent face.

She made the numerous hearts wail

With such  heart-rending, such sullen a tale.

She sang through the eve,

Like a swallow on some divine leave.

She enchanted.

And infused in the hearts in front-

A sorrow to cherish,

And tears to embellish.

And when, the end of her tale she sensed,

And noticed the numerous brimming eyes,

She knew she had done it without any feel.

She had induced something from nothing indeed.

She had accomplished the task, she thought so;

She rejoiced in her heart, to know for sure.

A thunderous applause then broke out like hell;

When suddenly on her palm a drop-like thing fell.

She looked above,

To see whether it was a cloud thing.

But found instead,

The flashlights and the ceiling.

And then unconsciously , without any forethought,

When she stroked her eyelid

With a heavy sigh,

She knew that the drop was a tear

From her crying eye.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. What a piece man… Seriously… N dnt be surprised dat I read it so fast… You knw my habits…

  2. Varun Tyagi

    Captivating, thought-provoking…like like!

  3. sreya

    Your depth of imagination is just awesome dear. It touched my heart. Keep going like this 🙂 I think i need to improve after reading this 😛

  4. Anshul

    Riveting and refreshing! Very well written…

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