A Walk In The Wind

There is a lone, carefree tramp in me that always calls out for lonely and aimless strolls. He is often sprouted to life by the unpredictable oscillations of my mood and emotions. With the weather, the way it is today, it is almost impossible to be indifferent to the merry pleadings of this vagabond within me.

The wind is on a high. It is blowing without giving a damn about anything. It scatters leaves and dust around in files. The yellow, dry fallen leaves are once again allowed to embrace the heights from whose arms they were snatched by the forces of nature. The trees sway to and fro to the drumbeat of the wind. The darkness around adds a strange feeling to the present. This evening is a delight, I realise.

Photo Credits: eastanglia.wordpress.com

As I walk the deserted road of the campus, bouts of nostalgia attack my heart, being triggered by the sweet memories of yesterdays. I am transported back a few years to a similar windy day. I am on the terrace of my house plucking blackberries from the trees whose branches brush the terrace. I am leaning on the railing by the maximum degrees permitted by my guts, and pricking the berries above with a long stick. I am least affected by the violent tactics of the wind. Carefree and fearless- I am eating the hard-earned berries with my younger brother with a big smile stuck on my face.

Lost in the memories, I keep trodding on the leaves and the road, taking through my eyes as much of the scene as possible. A few paces away, I see a dog licking a puppy, perhaps to warm it. By this time, the wind has garnered violent pace. The dust flows around in impenetrable columns, and in the process it becomes the body of the invisible wind. Before I can close my eyes tightly a few grains of dust  make their way to my eyes.

The wind keeps  ebbing and blowing furiously. I walk past a white car parked beneath a tree. A couple is locked in an everlasting embrace inside the car, cut out from the rest of the world.

Suddenly, a pair of soft black eyes flash in front of me in the dark backdrop of windy emotions. A voice rises within my heart. I turn a deaf ear to it before it engulfs me in its echoes. I look around to find a way out.

I walk back to my room. The tramp within me is satisfied and smiling.

Photo Credit- Faizan


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. A wonderful, wonderful post. Made me nostalgic about so much in life.

  2. Hey!
    I loved this post. Beautifully written.

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