Random Reflections: Of Sadness and Khan

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Etc.
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For some days now, I have felt the existence of a cry within my self that wants to come out and make its presence felt. But I do not understand what it is. I have faint ideas, but don’t know the real thing or maybe I don’t want to know the real thing. I am totally confused and in a pool of emotional drama. Life becomes stranger with every passing moment. There is never an end to the mountains that we need to scale. One disappears to make way for another. A disheartening feeling engulfs me that makes me feel tired, stressed out, sad, and dejected.

Well, leave out all that. Let me tell you something  better and merrier. ( As if that was merry!)

Lately, I have been spending a good time with Khan. For the uninitiated, Khan is my batch-mate and a co-hosteller. He is a cheerful guy who lives his life the way he wants to. He is the supreme holder of the remote control of the television in the common room of our hostel. Even the mess-workers testify to this fact. He is a big fan of Rajnikanth as proven by the fact that he went for the first show of  ‘Endhiran’ on the exam-eve. Nowadays he has become a complete movie-freak, always on the look-out for the rooms of the hostel where the movies of his choice are being watched. Whenever he comes across a humorous scene, he will let out a bellowing laughter frightening the rest who were on the verge of laughter. He stammers a little as he speaks and his ‘he,he’ spiced with unnatural pauses has become famous in the entire hostel. But let me  tell you, he is also a hard worker, lest you think he is one of those only-fun-seeking crazy studs. In his room either he is working hard at his studies or sleeping away merrily, with his mouth open. 

In the recent months, he has developed a special liking for wrestling. I don’t know why he does this but he has enticed me many times to do ‘kushti’ with him. During last Ramadhan, after one of the morning prayers, when the sun was still nowhere to be seen and darkness loomed large all over, he picked up a simple guy called Ali and bumped him on the floor. Poor Ali was in a hysteria. I was watching the entire drama with utter attention amazed at the agility of the crazy Khan and the stupid expression on Ali’s face. Soon I was calling other friends to witness this ‘mahabharata’,  in between the hillarious laugh that overcame me. Ali, by then had realized that he had been thrown down and was made a victim for no fault of his by the crazy Khan. He stood up, in Bollywood style, and sprang at Khan who was smiling away. Ali picked up Khan. Khan on feeling the grip started throwing his hands and legs in every direction. Ali knew what he had to do. He dropped Khan down on the floor with a bang and a loud yell. The scene had changed. The victor was now the loser.

Till today no one has been able to say what happened to Khan that dawn. Why he banged down Ali on the floor still remains a puzzle. Of course, some other staunch supporters of Khan call it an enigma. There is no such thing as a puzzle than a real enigma.

Well, that is Khan for you. But let me tell you that he is one of the sweetest guys I have met till now, lest you think otherwise. He is always cheerful, never grumbling about any insufficiencies. Simple and down to earth, he is a good pal to all his mates. Everyone enjoys his company. That is why I say, ‘Khan Rocks’. 

My effort to caricaturize Khan in 5 minutes under the nose of a prof...


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