The Whips Of Indifference

You exist in indifference

Like a clear sky above a savage sea.

By the whips of your coldness,

Drops of my emotions are squandered

Into the terrible sands of restlessness.

Don’t you know that I exist?

Then why do you look with eyes

Soaked in a pool of wilderness,

That suffocate every little breath

Of solace  and happiness?

Know that every tryst has got a fate.

A fulfilling bond, a cruel frown, or…


I look and daze,

And wonder what to do.

And come out with just one clue.

Why don’t you give me a single glance ,

That has all the pricks and cruel stance,

Of  your indifference that bleeds my heart,

With  such passive zeal that never ceases.

So that I die in a single stroke,

Than to be killed in bits and pieces.




About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. A wonderful poem. I loved the simple imagery that you weave here in words.

  2. Mashroor

    You rocked ocen again!!!

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