The Choice

He was staring  into the open sky with his eyes wide open. He was trying to sleep but some strange thought was playing on his mind. The cot on which he was lying  had rough threads of jute running across  the wooden framework that pricked his body as he tossed and turned in his loneliness. The entire ambience was dreadfully silent. He kept staring at the sky which was studded beautifully with twinkling stars and shining planets.

Suddenly he noticed a vigorous movement around him. It felt like the entire canvas above him was moving at a furious pace to his right. He got up and sat on his cot. He looked around the barren desert, but could not notice any movement there. Not that he would have noticed  even if anything moved there. The darkness and the sand were same throughout the place. There were no landmarks, no sign-posts to distinguish here from there. He looked above again. The movement had slowed down to almost stand-still. But what was this? The twinkling stars and planets were nowhere to be seen. In there place was an inconsolable darkness studded with such dark shades that he almost let out a shrill cry into the utter loneliness. How is this possible? It could not be what he was thinking. He looked at the sky with clueless eyes, trying to examine every part of it. There was no sign of the twinkling sky that was a few moments ago. A couple of explanations whizzed into his mind to rationalize this weird change of sky.  As if inspired by some unforeseen power, he stood up on the loose sands and started examining his cot. He stooped down and checked out every piece of joint and jute-strands to confirm his hypothesis.  After he had finished this, he took a deep breath and sat on his cot. He appeared calmer than before.

Now, he fell back on his cot and started pondering over the bizarre incident. The thought that he had held back till then, reappeared in his mind. He tried to neglect it again trying to call it irrational and out-of-the-world piece of logic.  But it was hard to negotiate with it. He started struggling with it and eventually fell asleep. Even in his deep slumber the weird thought would not let him rest in peace it seemed, for he kept muttering in a muffled, drowsy voice:” Such thing has never happened. The sky cannot move. The cot did.”

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  1. nice post zeeshan..i loved the ending…..keep writing….

  2. abuzar arshi

    i was knowing da story as u hv told me bt i like ur way of writtng….excellnt yaar!!

    • Welcome Abu to my blog!! Its nice of you to drop in your comment. Good to know that you like my style of writing! Have fun friend and take care of yourself. Keep reading.

  3. darraak murshd

    god yaar keep writing

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