Out Of Thin Air

The clouds are brimming,

The sun is trimming

The fallen leaves to dust.

The sky does glitter,

The flying birds twitter

The songs that they must.


The grasses are dancing,

The sunrays are prancing

As they jog and shine on the earth.

The trees stand proud,

Resurrected from autumn’s shroud

As they sway and shake with mirth.


The baby birds are sleeping,

Their mothers are busy chirping

As they look out for water and grain.

The old farmer is digging,

And sowing and filling,

And singing a lovely strain.


The cattle are sleeping,

The creepers are creeping

Onto the cottage’s head.

The flowing stream makes sound-

So deep and so profound-

As it ripples in its earthly bed.


The poet is writing.

With rhyme and metre he’s fighting

To capture the beauties in ink.

The lens-man is roaming.

He’s looking, zooming and shooting

To capture these beauties in a blink.


They fight hard with their tools.

To the shepherd-boy they are all fools.

He just feasts on the naked beauty around.

But he doesn’t know,

What a joy it is to be able to show

The beauty that even in a sand-grain abounds.


The poet struggles with puns and pens,

The lens-man grapples with light and lens.

And they work with vision and hard-work sheer.

And what do they finally achieve?

Behold! A copy of reality on paper we receive.

And these don’t come out of thin air!

An imitation of beauty.

A shadow of reality.

And these don’t come out of thin air!


And hits  me this thought,

So deep and so callous,

That it must have been

How tough and garrulous

To carve out reality-

So majestic and great-

Whose even an image

Makes us wonder and sweat.

And wonder with eyes

So open, so wide.

Blush ye! O poet in flesh!

For the poet of reality

Is so lyrical and fresh.

Wonder ye! O lens-man in birth’s fetters!

Whose painted scenes you click

With your plastic, lifeless shutters?

Unlike the crumbled paper

That with time disappears,

Reality lives with vigour

In fabric and in years.

And wonder I, since the image cannot arise

Like some magic without any device,

Then how can the real things and vigour

Arise like magic out of thin air.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Anshul

    Well, I must say, this is beauty out of thin air !!

  2. siddhartha sharma

    it has been written beautifully but too long!!Liked it…kudos:D

    • zee

      Hey Sid it feels good to see you here. About the lenth, I wasn’t able to help it, cause I think the idea behind this poem needed length. I tried the exposition of various minute aspects of nature before moving on to state my idea. Keep reading buddy. 🙂

  3. I love the rhythm… this one’s musical! You brought alive so many pictures and colours that I am rather awed. Well written. 😀

  4. Man….2 gud..nay nay…5 gud..n dats a hi5!…hi5 zee!..
    Use of wrds,d vocabulary,d rhyme scheme! Man envying u wudn’t b a bad choice aftr ol eh zee?! 😛
    Loved it bro!

    • zee

      Hey Mashkoor, now your hi five puts me on cloud nine!!What should I say after such a honey-sweet compliment?! Its better I say nothing.
      Love you sweetie!! take care. 🙂

  5. hey!!i remembered my college days in my English Literature subject… reading an Edgar Allan Poe’s poems, writings & stories!!Great…cntinue ur love & passion in writing poems!!

  6. u put even “wordsworths” to shame… do i need to say more? marvellous….

  7. anirudh

    superb man!!!! this was ur best poem till date !!!

  8. apne zazbaat mein nagmaat rachaane ke liye,
    mene dhadkan ki tarah dil mein basaya hai tujhe.

    toh miyan tumhaare dil mein kaun hain…..that caused u to write such a beautiful poem!

    • zee

      Sir , I was inspired by the artistic beauty in and around us , that is a direct reflection of the glory of our Creator.!! This wasn’t a specially romantic poem, but rather on mysticism side.

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