Blown Away

How many times has it happened that you were in a jolly good mood before a light chat with a friend happened and that evaporated all your precious good mood? That you were singing the beauties of life and a knock on your door and few words later you were brooding over the utter scarcities of your doomed existence? If you know what I mean, its downright frustrating to have a  clean wash of your feelings, as if they were pieces of twigs. Even though most of the good and bad news are thrown at us in similar few words,  these are actually straight-forward strikes at your emotions. I am not talking about these. I am talking about those careless, aimless unexpected tugs given to your feelings. When unknowingly your friend blurts out something that makes you see the real picture of things around you, that makes you realise that life is never going to be smooth-you always encounter a boulder or two on the way. It is as if a cool gale blows away your joys into some unexpected region. Well, it hurts and hurts well.

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  1. I can totally relate to this piece. It happens to me a lot of times. The smallest of things can be a dampener. Life, I guess, is full of such little blessings. 😛
    Nice post!

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