Take Care

“We packed him into the drawer of the desk with all his belongings which were  mostly books and clothes. (I don’t know why we did to him what we did to him or for that matter, who he was). We stood there at our places trying to hide his presence, perhaps from the professors who kept walking in and out with an ugly expression on their faces. This time, as the professor got up to leave the rowdy class,we stood up at our places with a pretentious smile stitched on our faces, trying to pose  normal and conceal the person whom we had stuffed in the desk ( why we did this, I have no idea  again).As the professor went out of sight, we took a breath of relief and slumped back on our seats. But then there was a sudden announcement which though very unclear and incoherent, created a greater stir in the already stirred classroom. You looked at me with a charming smile on your graceful face. It was then that I realized that you were with me all this time and that ‘we’ were ‘you and me’.

We too started moving out. as I walked out with a carefree and gracious you by my side, I wasn’t able to conceal the invincible spring that had started flowering in my heart. You laughed and talked. And I looked at you dumb-founded and lost. The rhythm in your voice and the enchanting smile on your face made me forget where I was.( As if I knew where I was! Huh!)

Photo Credits: fineartamerica.com

We walked ahead not knowing where we had to go. The place seemed like a market-place but it was so different and unusual for a market. The shops were not all packed but were spread out with lush green bushes and lofty cedar trees interspersed between. The road was spacious and covered with white dust, without any sign of a vehicle. A cool breeze floated in the air and kept playing with your silken hair. The sun was soft and weak and was hiding somewhere in the foamy clouds. Far in the horizon ice-covered mountain peaks could be seen. We walked with casual and aimless steps. The shopkeepers were all looking around and taking in the beauty with every breath. There was no sound except the humming of the wind, few infrequent chirps and an ever-present gurgling, perhaps, of a stream situated somewhere in the mountains. I felt a sense of freedom which I had rarely felt. I hoped that time would stop flowing and leave me frozen in this beautiful company.  Your smiles felt fresh and lovely like the onset of  spring.

A strange thought hit me as you pointed out a flying humming-bird to me.  I thought of pouring it out in front of you but something inside me asked me not to. I let the issue rest within me as you pressed your palms into mine. The flow of the moment drifted me in its mirth. The entire surroundings got dissolved except you.

Today, that moment still remains in my memory. But am I allowed to call it a moment? Will we ever meet again? Was that dream a figment of weird hallucinations or a plan of destiny? Do you exist in this real world? I don’t know who you are but maybe I know you. And as the days keep sliding rapidly, there’s just one thing I want to convey to you- Take care.”


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Pal

    He/she is nt far from u.

  2. Mashroor alam

    Wow bro! I can almost feel that special someone. Great details !

  3. The imagery is amazing. So are the colours. I hope the dreams come true. 🙂

    • zee

      Thanx Deboshree for ur well wishes. I can’t say whether the dream turns out in reality or not but if it does it will be nothing short of a miracle.

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