They Cut You Down A Thousand Times

Like a pale shadow they lurk behind.

With smiles and hope,

You cherish these times.

But as the dark moon descends

They murder the smiles,

Kill the hope in cold blood.

And with their bitter indifference

A tool so sharp as could be

They cut you down a thousand times.


They talk like true chaps

With a warmth to melt away

All the snow of the Alps.

But they have their own worlds to mind,

Such that your world however small

Deserves not even a blink of the blind.

And then with their tiny faces so focused

On the egos so upright

They cast a look so cunning and tight.

And with a flash of their eyes and lips

They  cut you down a thousand times.


They have no faith but utter mistrust

They have no trust but in their hollow charity

Their vision is crying and haggling with dust

And they say they love you till insanity.

But they are nothing but beautiful liars

Hardened and giant, their heart is on fire

That eats away the leaves of goodly desire

And then with their deceptive eyes

Filled with a love that keeps you alive

They cut you down a thousand times.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Verses yar verses. They are nice. You are good at them.

  2. zee

    Thanks a lot sir! And thanks also for having pointed out the typos. Have rectified it!!

  3. The last stanza. Absolutely wonderful. I really like your writing style. 🙂

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