The Indian Idiot Box (the most idiotic you will ever find!)

Of course, it’s been a long time that I sat myself in front of the idiot box, but that doesn’t prevent me from calling the entire Indian Small Screen diaspora a fart on the face of the common man. ( Apologies to Mr. RK Laxman!) From the never-ending saga of Ekta Kapoor and the world wars between Saas and Bahus to the terrifying and mystifying collection of weirdos covering up broken pieces of news from India- the Indian soap and news-sense is definitely a thing that needs much attention. Indian television needs a better class of entertainment and information than what is on offer. And more importantly, the screen media needs a thorough check up and treatment or it may lead to a disease called ‘myopia’ and ‘ignorance’ among the masses who so devoutly feed on every bit of it.

They say that journalism educates. But what the small screen Indian journalism all does is entertain. Of course they do cover essential bits and pieces now and then, like Tendulkar’s much awaited hundred, the goof up AITA did recently, the Messi versus Ronaldo stuff, the Abhi-Ash marriage,and much more. But you need to stand a plethora of insane advertisements even to reach these ‘very’ important news. One can hardly help noticing that journalism on small screen is as much non-existent as logic in those soap-operas playing on numerous channels simultaneously.

And if that was not much, the media moguls are now being caught red-handed in corruptions that till now they were exposing so blatantly on the screens. News can be made today, only if you have the right amount and contacts. A new string of these frauds have come up exposing the more ugly side of this media.

Journalism is a sacred art that can raise the standard of a country. But leave alone raising the standard of our country, how about raising the standard of these news-firms? Evidently, the corruption has seeped into the news-industry due to the lack of responsibility and a sense of duty towards subjects, viewers and truth among these news-houses. Not surprisingly, all that they do is create an entertainment-packet out of some ill worked reporting.

But not all is bad with this idiot box, I think. For nowadays I have grown optimistic in my outlook. (Duh!!) And inspired by Mr. Groucho Marx, these days I find television very educating. Well, every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.


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