The Rudder’s Question

And now as I lie awake

In this bold and beautiful moonlight,

And as the cold wind hits me smoothly,

I take a deep breath and feel it again tonight-

That I miss you now like never before.

But caress me if you ever will;

There are so many things I need to endure.

Call me a being, dead and astray

But I will never call you but you.

Let the autumn bleed all leaves,

And let the rising dust fall down,

And let the ships of time be sailing.

And then I will try to be alive.

There is no misery but a life spent with only

Moonlight silver, shiny and bright.

There is no statue as ugly and comely

But the one that I become every night-

Sleepless, sad and lost.

I hope to see what I have wanted to know-

The truth that I feel, the love that I need.

The ways I have walked on have carried me

Far away from where I began;

But I am still the same primitive man.

And where I am, I am all alone.

I look at the dirty disc of the sun,

And plead for a gentle warm ray

To ignite a life in me by its point and warmth.

But not a single of it makes way

To meet the hopeless fancies in my eyes.

And not a single of them whispers in my ear

The music that I so fondly want to hear.

My mind is blown,

And the sail is blown,

And the ship of my heart is ready

To leave the port of my loneliness.

But the rudder asks me a question-

Where do I point?

And as I stand on the turf of my heart,

And hear a calling from an endless past,

I fail to see the calling of the port that beckons

My past and present for a future in the foam.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. wow. What a story. Slow start, but then the way you brought it down to the rudder’s question, just phenomenal. Good old Zee 😀

    • zee

      Thank you ol chap!!! Gad you liked this!! You praise in such a wonderful way such that i had to read the poem once aagain and discover the one thing that you told me!! 🙂

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