At A Crossroad I Stand

The predicament is nothing new. I have faced it many times before, but then that is all. I haven’t gone even an inch further from there. And so the predicament stays only to appear now and then, here and there.

The predicament pricks me. And that hurts.There are times when I feel that maturity is something that will come in with time. But suppose there are many side issues with it,or maybe issues that I think exist along with it. 

The predicament comes in the form of a thought that strikes me now and then. Does being professional means to be pretentious? Isn’t exaggerating your sense of humour or tact a really bad idea? And what if you happen to have a timid heart that gets pricked at even trivial things?

The predicament is large and hurts. It can make you restless if you happen to be me and have this predicament staring at your face. 

The predicament is just a gross statement of the fact that I am human. Now one cannot be deeply human or faintly human. You are either human or not. And if you are, you will have a lot of stupid stuffs to deal with. And these seemingly stupid things will become of utmost important just because of the fact that you care. That you cannot let it go. That you want it.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.

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