When I told you that I was alone

You did not believe me.

And I kept searching in the mansion

For the reason why you didn’t.

Until I remembered off-hand, 

That actually you never do.

And so I sat through the evening breeze

With just a teacup in my hand;

Sifting through the day’s paper,

Trying to read between the read lines.

As I waited for a knock on the door;

But there were only lashings at the window.

And then I would leap for the vibrating phone,

Only to find that it wasn’t my phone vibrating,

But the sound of  flapping of wings of a fly.

And I would try to slap the fly dead 

But then actually I never could.

And I would pretend that I was not bored,

And proudly call this loneliness solitude,

And try to write a  hypothetical novel.

But then a draft of wind would enter the room;

And I would try to save the imaginary pages

From being blown away in the wind.

But a few of the sheets would march onto the streets.

And frantically after them I would run-

Without even a clue as to where they went.

And when finally I would return

Panting and tired back to the mansion,

I would find my loneliness sitting on the sofa,

Drinking from my cup of tea,

And sifting through the day’s newspaper.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


    • zee

      Thanks Diana for remebering my little runed abode! 🙂 Will gladly reply asap. Got a series of exams bothering me up. But will come back with this post definitely. 🙂

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