The Layer of Vacuum

There is this layer of vacuum

Enveloping everything that I do.

It pulls me into its depth,

And swallows the photons,

That swim like tadpoles

On the surface of my smiles.

And when it sucks into its core

The very meaning of my breaths,

I’m left helpless like a sheep on Mars;

And confused like the eyes of a hunted deer.

Soon I put on my wondering shoes,

And jog down the labyrinths of my mind.

Flipping over every memory,

Trying out every thought.

Searching for that elusive spark

Which keeps the embers of life glowing.

Sometimes I howl dolefully at the moon

Hoping for the answer that I lost.

And then I persuade my heart to fight hard

And get back the reason of my breaths

But the voice of my blood looks into my eyes lost

And throws me like a ghost in the night this thought:

‘How do you really fight a vacuum?’


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. themonumentaljackass

    To fight a vacuum you break the pump.
    Hope that helped 🙂
    What wonderful thought process you have 🙂

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