The Pills of Consolation

How I fear being alone-
Left to myself,
Bottled in my own body
With no one, but just some unseen fear
Smiling at me vaguely.
And I keep staring
Into the empty space
Like a hollow man.

It bothers me after all. And it’s the one time I realize how humanly human I am. It’s the time when life happens and I am so boldly conscious of it. Of course. It’s the time when I look at my hands and the mirror and marvel at the way I have been made. Maybe the nose could have been better. But I really can’t imagine any other nose on my face. After all it suits me. But then at the end of the day, the story remains the same. The plot is still cruel. I am silent. Sleepless. Friendless?

P.S. Buddy get some pills of consolation. And make it a point to read Keats’ “When I have Fears that I may cease to be” Yours truly.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.

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