Killing The Space

Take away the auburn coffee I am on,

In a moment there and gone!

Then let the tray of sugar cubes disappear

Before the tray, the cubes one by one.

And then smoke out the round table between.

But before that, do away the purple pattern

On the faraway wall.

And of course, the wall too!

Just fade out those fluffy green grasses in the lawn,

And the houses, the fences, the mowers,

The people, the cookies, the shops and so on.

Switch them off, take them down!

The leaves that stir silently in the air:

Blow them away to an invisible autumn.

And have a peek at this new picture.

But wait!

What about the tree-house and the trunk?

And also the air!

Erase. Erase them at once.

And is the piece of earth still lying around?

Then throw it away to the other end of being.

And take away the black birds and their beaks,

And the worms shrinking like ring.

Also, block out that that piece of ancient loner!

Yeah go on!

Go block out the sun!

Also paint the blue sky a little crimson,

And then rub it out completely

From this ken to that horizon.

And now that everything’s in oblivion,

We remain.

Two survivors to see the dawn.  

We stand a few feet away from each other,

Locked in each other’s stare, I reckon.

And what would you say if I make it clear,

Make even the space between us disappear?

                                                                      – Zeeshan


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. random visitor..again! :D

    i wouldnt say anything..too beautiful for words to spoil it!

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