The Cork, The Dream And The Song

So it’s not that I have really something to write. But there’s something tiny bobbing up in the ocean of my calm like some cork. One that doesn’t even settle down on the sea bottom. Neither does it fly away into the outer space and leave this ocean of my mine to the mercy of its own billowing waves. But it remains there; the only brown in a massive blue, like a prick.

Maybe this is called introspection! Well, whatever it is- a cork or an introspection- it is something that I don’t like. And this brings me to this very important question, which basically is worthless by all other frames of references except the one by which I refer. And it’s not even a question. It’s more of a thought gone sour. Why does it feel that everything is messed up? And that soon the stars are going to fall down one by one like pearls from a broken necklace? And the moon will be tossed around like a deflated worthless football clouded in mud?

Nightmares do haunt. The one that I had really caught me bad. That was a moment I could feel how it feels to be truly scared like shit even when it was an early morning, the sun was out and living creatures were snoring all around me. I was even afraid to walk a few meters. And it was only when I picked up a few verses from the Qur’an that I felt a little at ease. Faith, irrespective of whatever being said, turns out to be perfect solace in times of perfect unease.

Right now, some classic Hindi song is playing loudly on the speakers in my room. It is the only sympathizer. And as it turns out, it’s a sad song.


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