And so how would that be

For the first time if we

Two meet again?

Maybe by that old bus-stand

Or at that brick house cafe,

With a band,

Or maybe

While buying the grocery-

How would that be?

You do not know me

Nor do I know you.

And we meet not as me and you,

But as two strangers

Who just happen to chance

A glance

At each other;

Before boarding that morning bus

Or maybe while sipping that tasteless coffee

Or while picking up that talcum powder.

Our eyes meet

Just so!

How would it be if our places and histories

Were changed overnight?

And we met in a different plane

Of existences:

Would I be cut off from my prejudices?

And you from your imaginary ideas of me?

If the present click between us disappears

Like mist,

What would that new bond

Be amidst

You and me?

Would you look at me with the

Same silence in your eyes?

And would I then walk up to you and say

That you have hair that flows

Beautifully in the wind?

Or would we  just look  at each other

And without sparing much thought

Walk away like two perfect strangers.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. Jigyasu Agrawal

    Simple yet so beautiful..Nice one Zeeshan..

  2. Two meet again?
    True story of every person whom you meet in canteen or at any shop.
    Nice, beautiful and simply awesome sir. 🙂

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