The Today

Today the sun came out riding from the west.

Maybe this was a different dice than the rest.

Yet they were  busy  dropping their children to schools.

And picking up the brown bread on the way;

Stuck up to their routine, like mules.

They didn’t look up, they didn’t sway.

After all, they had to settle their ties and bow.

And it requires so much attention, you know!

The dining table  had  the usual bread and whey.

Maybe it was the same breakfast from yesterday.

Only Served at a different temperature

As usual;

On a plate with fresh floral texture

For a change. Unusual.

They ate and read the newspaper

That told them as always about a war fought

A thousand kilometers away.

Even the people at the bus stand stood

Like statues in a crowded hallway.

And the tires screeched and stopped

On the road, at the same spot.

The lady who was knitting,

By the window sittiing,

The man who kept looking at his watch-

Did no one tell them about the catch

That the dice had different dots today?

Cause only the chimney smoke

Seemed to sense the change.

And went dead above the oak.

Perhaps only the cuckoo bird missed

The light from the East,

Perched by the road on the tree alone.

It let out a sad cry, a silent moan.

But then the buses honked louder.

And that young leaf  found it very weird

To change its direction of growth.

Even the little young sunflower feared-

Thought that the universe had gone mad

Finally. Today.

But the man who watered the sunflower

Was too busy thinking about

The shape of his moustache.

And his neighbour was  furiously figuring about

The soccer finals’ clash.

Didn’t they see that their shadows had changed hands?

That the dots on the dice were different?

That the shine of this time was different?

But then they have to build, rule, and spread

And learn, grow, mature, study  and graduate.

And of course, unravel the secrets

Of the cosmos.

And also sell soaps, cameras, tablets.

And few gizmos.

So, when the evening turned

And the sun went down to the East

They wiped the sweat earned

From all the haggling to say the least.

And then went home with  a wad

Of currency in their pockets,

Which they hid beneath their pillows.

How they didn’t even notice 

That this was a different dice than the rest!

That the sun had come out riding from the west!


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.

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