For You A Thousand Times Over

This one goes out to the greatest friend I have, and the best and the most honorable man in my life. My favorite person. Actually it’s a poem with 120 lines but I have posted just the first three stanzas.  Mainly because it’s, maybe too personal, or maybe because I simply don’t want to share it right now with everyone. But I post the three stanzas because I believe he may read it. Because I will go through the absurdities of this life a thousand times over and over again, just to once again hear the sound of his approaching footsteps which I have learnt to make out even from a distance. The poem is called ‘The Sea, the Sand and The Turbine’

The Sea, The Sand And The Turbine

Sparkling spume cover the shore,

The heaving water rises to the sky;

The waves tumble with a thunder

On the sand, that makes me cry.


The pebbles are tossed around to swirl

By the wind that puffs and roars.

Reddens the horizon in the likeness

Of a face that couldn’t be but yours.


And then I look out into the drink-

Which is now so tryingly humdrum.

And I ask my God the same thing,

Where is my friend Lord, my sweet chum?


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.

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