Brittle Dreams

Here take this-

This is your grocery for this week.

Feed your dreams well!

Let them grow strong and wild.

Let them become handsome.

And hide

Your dreams from those

Who become wolves in the night;

For these spirits will steal

The spirit of your dreams.

And beware of those detergents

Called brain-washers;

They will wash away the gleam

From your dreams.

So much that

You won’t recognize, whether

These dreams are yours or


And don’t wait too long for

The sun to rise to see the world around;

For there is

A shine in your dreams

Like the shine on black boots.

And fear not to touch your dreams-

They are not made of fire!

They are just dust and desires.

And yes,

Everytime you touch them

See how they smile like a child!

These smiles then keep

Floating all around

Up and down

Like a cosmic butterfly.

But, I tell you

Never let those hawkers

And smugglers,

Who stand at the street corner

Preying on weak hearts,

Come near.

They will tell you that they have the

Golden touch;

But tell them to their crooked faces

And burnt eyebrows,

That these they cannot touch.


Not even the yellow case

In which you hide them.

For your dreams

Are precious and little.

But, more importantly, to their foreign touch

So very brittle.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. what is so special about the ‘yellow’ case?

    • zee

      It’s the case in which you keep all your dreams. Yellow because, maybe, it’s a very cheerful colour and very mild. or maybe because I like it. 🙂

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