You See, I See

You see black, I see red,

You see stone, I see a bed.

You see a spark, I see fire,

You see drops, I see a shower.

You see height, I see cliff,

You see alpha, I see alif.


You see the rules, I see the desires,

You see the dogmas, I see the liars.

You see an object, I see a mermaid,

You see the throne, I see the dead.

You see the trunk, I see the crown,

You see the green, I see the brown.

You see the betrayal, I see the vows,

You see the grain, I see the ploughs.


You see lust, I see a woman,

You see body, I see a person.

You see dust, I see a storm,

You see disease, I see the worm.                                     


You see the stoner, I see the nerds,

You see the loner, I see the birds.

You see the criminal, I see the crime,

You see the sunset, I see the time.

You see the spider, I see the web,

You see the rise, I see the ebb.


You see a mud-house, I see a school,

You see a building, I see a tool.

You see the water, I see the sea,

You see the leaves, I see the tea.


You see the bricks, I see a wall,

You see the gap, I see the call.

You see a shadow, I see the light,

You see a window, I see the plight.


You see the dead, I see the grass,

You see the trophy, I see the brass.

You see the skies, I see the eyes,

You see the labels, I see the lies.


You see demons, I see man.

You see angels, I see man.

You see the free, I see man.

You see the prisoner, I see man.

You see the world, the existence, the ken,

The life, the universe, the lane.

But here  and now all I see is man:

For all I see is you.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. abuzar arshi

    You always write out of the box..phenomenal piece bro!! 🙂

  2. Rahul D'Cruz

    Inspirational, Sir.

    “A rhyme is not a poem”
    This is. 😀
    I remember that ^_^

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