The New Moon

And then the wind crept in. And soon it carried away with it the dense white smoke.

“I had an epiphany just now!” He exclaimed in a voice that was broken like the edge of the terrace on which they were sitting.

“What’s an epiphany?” She asked. Her voice was calm and composed like the bleak darkness of that new moon night.

“It’s like a thought, you know- instant and pure. Sometimes like a revelation, sometimes of things you aren’t sure about. And it hits you without any routine or any fixed venue.” He said. “It’s free. Without any barriers or punctuations, like this-” And then he blew out a dense cloud of billowing white smoke.  The smoke rose up slowly, bit by bit mingling in the wind. The wind dispersed it into infinite parts carrying each of those tiny parts to some unknown territory of the atmosphere.

“Hey, do you know why the moon didn’t show up tonight?” She looked at the sky and asked. The night sky was black; there weren’t even any stars. The only light was the frugal dirty yellow rays from the street lamppost.

“Maybe.” He said. “What do you think?” He asked. He felt relaxed. His world was right now very restricted.

“I guess because it found out the truth!”

“What truth?”

“The truth about life.” She said in a plain tone. She looks more beautiful when she speaks profundities, he realized.

“And what’s that?” he asked. His eye lids wanted to be shut but he forced them wide open.

“That the moon is a prisoner of the forces of this universe. And however hard it tries to move away, these forces bend its path and make it go round and round. Every point on its path the moon tries to belt straight out of this routine, but it cannot. These forces of the universe change its direction every fucking single time. And thus in spite of its infinite trials, it never escapes. A circular prisoner of eternity, that’s your moon.” She said in a voice filled with a little sadness.

“You think so beautifully!” he said, his eyes almost on the verge of shutting.

“Are you sleepy?” She asked.

“No, not at all!” he exclaimed. “I am in a state of- what you can call- a temporary peace with the world. I am with me only. And of course you.”

“So what was your epiphany?” she asked. Her gleaming big eyes seemed to be able replacement for the moon.

“You don’t forget.” He said. She nodded. He didn’t know whether he should tell her. But his state of mind made this decision easy.

“Well, the epiphany, I had, was that maybe somehow I think I like you.” He proclaimed. His voice was jagged and edgy even more than before.

“Yes, that’s it. I think I like you.” He said in a loud voice this time.  His eyes were almost closed now. The smoke remained piled up as the wind had stopped now.

“So what do you think?” He asked, this time opening his eyes to see her reaction.

But she wasn’t there.  He looked around the terrace. There was no sign of her. What the hell! Where was she? Where did she disappear? Did she fall off the terrace? He went to the edge and looked down. No signs of her below.  Where could she possibly go?

“Hey dude, what are you searching for? Did you lose something or what?” He heard a loud voice behind him. He looked towards the voice. It was one of his friends. They were all sitting in a corner playing some stupid card game and giggling and laughing away.

“No, I didn’t.” he said. “Nothing at all!” He didn’t know what else to tell them.

“And who are you talking to, buddy?” One of them asked him again. “There’s no one there.” And then the entire group burst out laughing.
He looked at the sky. Indeed, it was a new moon night.


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