You and the Flow Meter

Rotating in a whirlpool
Of foam and flow
Mad as ever,
Your eyes glow-
Showing what’s not,
Hiding all the dots-
The current dim and slow.

Being haywire as ever
You rip the calculations,
Out of the picture,
And the fake factors,
And the broken flower.

The numbers I put in
Return a growl.
The formulas I apply
Draw a circle of fire
Like a burning planet of
Differentials and desire.

Digits after digits,
Dits, dahs, dits,
I notice the magnet
All ground and grit,
And your indifference
Drying like mustard,
Dying like a glow-worm
In a barren, lonely pit.
Dits, dahs, dits.

And the indifference,
To see the solutions I figured,
Destroys the brittle techniques
Of math and my mundane life.
Pi, infinity, zero and a few nameless memories-
All struggle to swim in that whirlpool.
They vibrate to reach the core of the pool,
And then they drool ,
And drown out of existence
One by one, bit by bit.
Dits, dahs, dits.

And I look out of the window
All mad and volatile,
But for a moment
I breathe.
And the wind gyrates
That I have to start again
To calibrate.
Cause deep down somehow
I know
That there’s a number
On that line
Hanging somewhere
In this universe,
Which will fit into the meter,
Like a verse
To set it into motion
Like an ancient clockwork,
To make sense of its
Incoherent readings,
And the postcard
Of its beautiful blades,
And those dark eyes.


For the uninitiated, a Flow Meter is a device used to record the flow-rate of fluids, which, in layman terms, is the volume of the fluid flowing in a given time. But before using it, one needs to calibrate/reset some factors of the instrument. This one below is dedicated to one such time- and it is about more than just a turbine flow meter.  The disclaimer is that this is a product of pure fiction.  Fiction all the way, except that it is true. So, maybe have another reading, while I get another dose of caffeine.


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