Some Island

Suppose I met you on an island
Full of flowers
Daisies and daffodils all waving
To your breath
The wind blowing gently
Through a drizzle
And the waves crashing hard
On the other side of the island
And I find you making paper
Working out the equations for drag
And drift on the wings.
And I look at you
Sometimes you’re confused
Sometimes sparkling
Cold yet happy
Shy yet confident
Grounded yet flying
Like a water plane
Like a wintry summer
Like a still wind
You are
And so I look at you
And think about your plane
And your lips and the
Hair flowing in the wind
Forgetting the world and the
Skies and the rain
Forgetting the bills and the rents
The flat tyre on my bicycle
And the crow that sits
On the antenna on my terrace
Not even wondering  how I
Landed on this island
In the first place.


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.

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