I Need to Rise

Listen. We are dying out our lives every passing minute. Now we will be entering into a phase of getting older from the phase of getting younger that we were in yesterday.

I know this is a stupid philosophy. But think of it. We will be done in a few more years from now. This is the prime of our lives. This is the youngest we will ever be. We can do so much good with the talents that we have, with the potentials we carry. Why do we want to just lead a normal life of a robot? Why do we settle for the clumsy things?

All we do is carry on piling up the faeces of laziness and comfort around us. Is this all there is for us? Is this all we really want?

Yes I do know that there are billions and billions of people. Not all can do the good thing. Not all can be special. Not all can live for pure talents. I know that thing. My people have told me that in so many ways. The books, the films, the soaps all say that some time or the other. But I ask you who made this limit? Think of it: think about what it would be like if they all would.

We will be living in a wonderland: a landscape of fluid ideas. Maybe evil is nothing but repressing your potentials. And we are nothing short of devil incarnate right now. Whatever be the reasons, we are the compromises we make. Nothing more! And we will die soon. And our bodies will turn into oil and be burnt in the engine of some stupid car to ferry some stupid thing from point A to point B. Is that what we all are: the fuel for moving from Point A to Point B?


About Zeeshan

We are the twinkle in the eyes of oblivion.


  1. I think you’re right. There are a lot of people out there with untapped/unrecognized potential.

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